torsdag, august 21, 2008

Good morning!

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A table mat I finished some time ago without the binding. Did that this week. Could not help but had to use it, before I finished sewing the binding down. I have not done it yet. Saving it for a little later...

Snekkerne kommer og går. Det nye rommet står med pæler til andre etasje. Travelt før avreisen neste uke. Siste dag i dag med litt pusterom, kanksje til søm?

onsdag, august 20, 2008

One more try: Thanks to Ma boite a tresors - a small bag

I have made quite a few of these. They come together in just a few whiffs. Well they do after some careful dechifring of the Japanese explanations. I went with the 'numbers' - 40 cm here and 24 cm there - to make up a rectangle, and so on. I found the photographed pages of this Japanese book here. It went into my folder of favorite pictures, and I found it - rediscovered it as it were - a while ago. They make up lovely small gift bags. I tried my hand at smocking on my first, but it did not turn out well. But I have found it really does not need the smocking to turn out nicely.

lørdag, august 16, 2008

Jason M. on a lovely August evening

Just a quick note on a Saturday night. We have a quiet evening, just hanging around, reading. I found a to me new blog, Linnea Paulina, tonight. She linked to this, and I had to put it up here:

Hope it works.

onsdag, august 13, 2008

Random color generator

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Choosing colors

... is a difficult matter. I landed on the bottom two. Maybe I was wrong. I will never know.

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tirsdag, august 12, 2008


Now I think I know why they started to call them ragdolls. Always in awe of the inventive and industrious women and the footprints they made for us to walk in.


looking out the window. A summer girl not properly dressed yet. Her maker is undecided as to what creation to adorn her with. - Will we have some more summerly weather this season?
Work in progress... This time I have decided which fabrics to make six blocks from. I usually do not plan ahead, but follow my whim as I make the blocks. These will make up some bow ties. Ugly but nice... I like'm
One block ready to be sewn together. I am expecting - full of hope - some time to piece by hand in the company of our children and their grandparents.