torsdag, mars 18, 2010

“King George”, its maker and Tracy Chevalier

Thanks to Jette at Parttime Perfectionist I found this beautiful, beautiful clip about Tracy Chevalier and her encounters with quilts at the V&A.
The film about Tracy Chevalier at the museum storage shows her seated beside the quilt “King George III Reviewing the Volunteers” writing notes. The quilt is featured in Kaffe Fassett’s museum book. And I’m currently making some of the circles. The only guide I have had so far, when it comes to patterns and size, is the pic above from Kaffe Fassetts museum book. To my astonishement - and amusement – when seeing the blocks in the right perspective, I discovered the blocks are so small. I tell you much smaller than I had pictured in my mind. They must be about 6 inches in circumference – and I’m making mine 11! 
It is also wonderful to hear more background information about the quilt. The maker incorporated herself in some of the appliqued blocks. “So funny,” Tracy Chevalier comments. I agree!
Here’s the one in the works these days -back and forth to my job, peacefully sewing on the train.

5 kommentarer:

Crispy sa...

Wow great block Una. This quilt sounds like something I would love to do. Are you drafting these all by hand or do you use EQ or QuiltPro?


Taryn sa...

So, you can piece on the train? I think it would make me a little queazy. I love your block! Are you going to make it to the V&A this summer?

Shirley sa...

Good morning Una, I have come to look at your lovely work via the link from Valentina. I shall look forward to seeing more.

Janine sa...

Hello Una,
I also want to start with the King George but can you tell me how big the finished blocks are?
you're doing a great job.

kind regards from Janine Alers the Netherlands

Missie of Hallbrook Designs sa...

Very beautiful! I am putting this quilt on my list of dream quilts to complete! Thank you for sharing!