onsdag, oktober 29, 2008

Binding fabric found

This small quilt was originally meant to be a cushion cover. I am not so sure anymore. We will see. I do not have a lot of the binding fabric, so I will have to mix and match a little. But it was nice to find it - in my stash, she added with badly concealed pride - so I can finish a five year old project (!)

The day before yesterday we had the urge to bake some cookies...

fredag, oktober 24, 2008

Pin cushion swap

I joined a swap some weeks ago, and Annette from Denmark sent me this sweet pin cushion. It will be perfect for small applique pins. I like it a lot! Thank you Annette!
I sent this pear pin cushion off to Pia in Sweden. My version of Heather Bailey's pears, which I find so cute! In stead of ordering the patterns I impatiently figured out how to draw the pattern. So it is a little more plump and "fat bottomed" than Mrs. Bailey's pears. But I like the size. It's hard to miss with the needles while speedily sewing long seams :D I will have to make myself one as well...

lørdag, oktober 11, 2008

This week

Rainbows have been drawn, along with "heart princesses" to adorn our fridgeOur view - to the amusement of a two year old.
On commission and a collaberation: A summer crown in October.
Dear Elin: See you soon!
Vi har hatt en deilig høstdag på lekeplassen og på tur. Amanda har vært hjelpsom og gavmild mot sin lillebror i hele dag. J: tatt = takk, tot = tog. A har laget "medisin" av soyasaus og yoghurt. Hun kaller det brunsvart sjokolade(!)

fredag, oktober 03, 2008

Giving Karen Edvarda away!

Meet Karen Edvarda! Let us have a give-away, I thought while making her. I will carefully wrap her up and ship her to you if you leave me a note before next friday. (Drawing on Saturday 11th)
We'd love to hear from you - near or far!

She has been given a name and a face since the last time. Her name is a combination of the names of two of my great-grandmothers. I have just found a genealogy site, and it is incredibly interesting to find out how far back the lines go. One is dating back to 1570.

Karen Edvarda says good bye for now :-) So do I as I head off to find out more about my ancestors.