fredag, september 26, 2008

Home again

Settling down to quilt a bigger quilt is like coming home again. I cannot explain why. All I know is that that is what it feels like.

Autumn is slowly approaching - but still we have some roses in the garden. A has decided to bring the game of tossing leaves inside. And our stove is ready for giving us some warmth.

tirsdag, september 23, 2008

Habari gani!

We have been to the land of blue seas and white sands - Kenya. My husband's parents have been residents there since the mid eighties. It was the first time our children saw their house and dogs and turtles and trees to climb. Our three weeks were much needed and our batteries are recharged anew! Here are some glimpses. Bahari ya Hindi - the Indian Ocean - just a five minutes walk away!
One of the glorious Baobab trees surrounding the house - in a sunset no less. These trees are a favorite of mine - maybe because they also are called Elephant trees, maybe of the part they play in The Little Prince, by Saint Exupery...
The children have fed giraffes and ridden a turtle, which we really could not take home for our garden. Maybe we will have to settle for planting some maize - which is also high on the wish list of a little girl.
Some flowers from the garden - meticulously gathered by that same four year old.
Happy feet - resting with powder coral sand.