onsdag, mai 07, 2008

Reverse applique

Just a quick run through of this wonderful technique. I am not a pro at tutorials, so bare with me.

For a block of four orangepeel segments I cut out four lights and four darks. I then draw my shape on freezer paper, and cut out that shape on the drawn line. The drawn line you can see here, is my basting line.
I then iron, with no steam, the freezer paper to the fabric that will be the *frame* to the shape.
What I have is three layers. Two fabrcs one freezer paper.

I then baste about a quarter inch away from the cut out line.
THEN I cut into the fabric a scant quarter inch inside the freezer paper edge.
Before I start sewing, I cut into the seamallowance, very close to the edge of the freezer paper, all the way around. Then I fingerpress the seamallowance, sort of tucking it under to make a crease. That way when I needleturn the edge, the fabric remembers where to fold nicely.
Please keep in mind that I am left handed.
Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if it does not. Beddy bye boo.

mandag, mai 05, 2008

Orange peel

A new discovery - at least for me: Reversed applique. It is a method that makes accurate and precise piecing. Needless to say a new favorite. I am making orange peel blocks as part of a sampler along with the "Jack in The Pulpit"-blocks in the previous post. Now some breakfast and some triangle cutting. Yes. Maybe the door to the garden can stay open for some time today, as fine weather has decided to pay us a visit. Finally some warmth to thaw our cold souls. Later.