torsdag, oktober 07, 2010


My DH built a storing system for our clothes in our previous flat. I made curtains to protect our textiles from dust. When we moved the curtains were stored away. Last month I finally found them again. They had been 'gone and lost' for a long time. I found them when we were going through our stuff after our water leakage 'disaster'. 

 They were found at the bottom of a carton, wet and stained from a hand carved door sign we bought in Kenya in '99. There were some clear stains, but it did not smell badly. I held my breath and threw them in the washer. I had lined the curtains, telling myself then that I could make them into quilts when or if I ever got the urge sometime... Maybe I will some day.

Detail of the stains the wooden sign had made. I do not mind the patina it has gotten through the rough treatment it has undergone. It just adds to the story of the curtains, as I also cut my pinky finger badly - resulting in six surgeon's stitches - while making it. The stains kind of remind me of water marks on old letters. I like that thought!

I was inspired to make this pattern when I saw an advert for fabrics in APQ magazine. They showed a quilt made by Shar Jorgenson, and I found the pattern, I think, through The Quilter's Cache. It was challenging and fun to make.


The last butterfly of the season

A new friend came home with us from a trip to Riga, Latvia. Everything enchanting.

The first homework done.

Loving the process.