fredag, april 30, 2010

tirsdag, april 27, 2010

Quilts 1700-2010, V&A April 2010

What can one say? I’d say: Go if you can. Buy the book if you can’t. And this: I for one want to go back.
The quilts were beautifully and thoughtfully displayed. The show provoked smiles, thoughts of empathy for the makers and deep respect for the craftsmanship performed yesterday and today.
Representing the latter category: Natasha Kerr, whose installation is on the cover of the book/catalogue.
The six years of hard work Sue Prichard and her colleagues have put down have paid off. – In the highest number of preordered tickets in the history of the museum, but not least in the interest in and pride in the cultural heritage of quiltmaking that the exhibition has promoted.
It was a thrill to see the quilts from Kaffe’s museum book in person. The one above was a coverlet probably made in 1829, by Elisabeth Chapman. The top had been attached to a board with cut out squares, that were like windows to the back. It was displayed in a glass monter so one could see both the front and the paper pieces still there in the coverlet’s back. Some of the pieces had beautiful hand writing on them – fragments of letters.
And the main reason I went to London this time: The coverlet “King George III reviewing the volunteers” I was amazed to see the size of the small rosettes – I measured them with my 6 inch ruler (yes, I brought it with me) to be about 4 inches in diameter. It is a most intriguing piece of work.
Taking pictures was not allowed. Here are some links to British bloggers who were invited to a special preview before the official opening of the show:
There are many more impressions whizzing through my brain. Maybe some will come forth in future postings.
For now – good night.

mandag, april 26, 2010


Nice weather. Lovely buildings.P1050312
Window shopping at Harrods.
Wonderful food from all over the world. Here: Lebanese hummus with lamb.
I long to go back.

søndag, april 25, 2010


I want to write about our trip to London, but my thoughts are not yet quite sorted. Yesterday my head was spinning, and I could not figure out which project to work on, if at all… And then these prepared patches fell out of my DJ book. OK. Better. A project I could manage in a day.