søndag, juni 27, 2010

Making a block

Inspiration: The center Mariner's compass block from the V&A book, also featured in Kaffe's museum bookThis time I tried to copy the colours, something I rarely do. The block is so lovely as it is.

Drafting. These are the shapes I need. Then I copy them onto see through plastic, making holes at the 'intersections' with a sharp point that I have warmed the tip of, by a candle light.

I then draw a point through the holes onto the reverse of the fabric and draw a line from point to point. When the pieces are cut with a quarter inch seam allowance, I lay them out on a cloth, pin them, and they are ready to go, everywhere I go.

Done. Now it needs backing pieces. I haven't made those yet... This was not really intended as a tutorial, but it gives an idea of the process. Take care.

lørdag, juni 26, 2010

Such friendly flowers

... don't you agree?

Another Calico Garden block. Only two left to go, and there is no more procrastination about setting and layout...

søndag, juni 13, 2010


I have been cutting some fabrics and sewing on my trusted Janome. I love this quiltalong that Anita is hosting. I have for a long time avoided the flying birds, because I have had the idea that sewing triangles together would be heartbreakingly difficult. Well, I find that meanwhile I have gathered some experience, and that I am able to do a fair job with the birds. The geese fabrics in the bottom block and top right are from V&A exhibition fabrics by Liberty. I took a deep breath before finally cutting them. Five done - eleven to go. Tudelu.


A few days ago I received this delicious set of rainbow colors. The lovely Debs had a wonderful give away, and I was one of the lucky recipients of this rainbow in cloth. My head is spinning with ideas. Debs has made a beautiful quilt inspired by the rainbow quilt made by Purl of Soho. She has a company that is encouraging people to start sewing. I love the idea and concept.

These fabrics will have to be made into a winter's project - one to keep my mind focused on colors while dreaming of another spring. Thank you ever so much Debs.