fredag, februar 25, 2011

Friday bliss

Oh, James Taylor, how you brighten the day...

Home with a bad cold. But nothing seems drab and dreary listening to that voice of his. Now if only the 'plugs' in my ears would go away soon so I could hear it better ;)

fredag, februar 18, 2011

Reversible Zakka Pouch Tutorial

Here is something I have been wanting to do for almost two years...

To save some space here, the tutorial with photographs is
over here.

The recipe is as follows:

You will need:
For outside and lining:
4 strips of fabrics for the front, each: 3'' x 12,5''
4 strips of fabrics for the lining, each:  3'' x 12,5''

The draw string closing fabrics:
2 strips , each cut to 4,5'' x app. 19''

For the 'yo yos':
2 strips of fabric, each cut 2'' x 10''
Medium thick plastic
Surgeon's tape

For the stopper:
1 piece of fabric: 2'' x 3''

Batting, thin yet sturdy polyester batting:
For the bottom:
1 square 4'' x 4''
For the 'body' of the pouch:
1 piece 6'' x 16''.

You will also need a piece of string measured to 22''.


I will be making an*other or more from the tut myself, and add corrections as I go along.

Have a beautiful week end.

onsdag, februar 09, 2011

No words Wednesday - almost

Memory of a colourful Monday spent with good friends.

torsdag, februar 03, 2011

Pockets and a huswif

A few years ago I did some sewing for a Danish designer and shop owner Helene Juul. She has an affinity for the treasures of the past, and does wonderful work. She wanted to display ways to use reproduction fabrics, to entice her customers to make practical and beautiful items. I was honored to be able to help a little. She sent me lovely fabrics, and a booklet by Edyth O'Neill. Inspired by Mamifleur's recent lovelinesses, I show the samples I made then, a pocket and a huswif from Ms. O'Neill's booklet.

And the one I'm currently working on, for a friend, which is supposed to be a surprise... well well ...

Merci - amitié.