mandag, august 30, 2010

Rose Star Trellis

... a pattern found in American Patchwork and Quilting autumn 1995. I was starting out quilting, and needed to find a project I could sew by hand.

I figured out I could manage to follow this pattern and sew it by hand. This was before I found out that what 'one did' was to use a running stitch, so the blocks are done using back stitches. When the blocks were to be sewn together, I lost momentum, and the top was assembled by machine. 

It is lap sized, with wool batting, but in very rare use, as I know the fabrics in the blocks will bleed terribly when washed ... The last borders to be quilted were done the summer of 2000. This was my first quilt this size. They only got bigger from here, lol.

We are hanging on to the idea of summer, but the days are getting more and more chilly. Take care.

torsdag, august 26, 2010

Bill Volckening - collector of quilts

Beauty Secrets from NW Documentary on Vimeo.

I keep asking myself why it is that seeing someone take a piece of cloth out of a box makes me gasp for air...
Found at Pepper Corys blog. The quilt she displays in her latest post just makes me smile!

See ya!

fredag, august 20, 2010

I love August

The apples in the garden are just ripe enough for tasting good in cakes.

Exploring the surroundings and the wonders of bees.

Log cabin blocks slowly evolving. Now there is one more batch like this to make, and I will start constructing the bag we were taught to make by Yoko Saito in March. To make the fabrics we received in class last a little longer, I have added some taupes from my stash.

Many thanks for stopping by. Last month was pretty busy with kids at home, a house needing repair and general holiday making. And then August comes around, and things settle for a more calm and regular pace. I have not been able to thank everyone properly for your kind comments about the small diamond quilt... Thank you!

torsdag, august 19, 2010

Found this today!

Yoko Saito has been to Florence again. It looks like the ladies had a great time!
I also found the blog of the Agomago quilt shop that arranges the workshops.
Rainy and sunny here today - and some slow sewing:)