lørdag, april 19, 2008

Rearranging blocks - veldig fint!

Very nice! she said content when she had finished rearranging last week's sewing.

lørdag, april 12, 2008

Quirky, me? Never!

Oh, no she thought - I'm IT. Well, the tag is on me. The lovely Lily wants me to disclose my inner secrets ;-D So here I am trying to squeeze my brain for details. Oh well - here goes.

1. I am nothing without milk in my tea in the morning. A morning without milk is a sad morning in our household.
2. Being left handed I find it nice that it seems that Joakim is left handed too. He draws with his left hand. It does not matter which hand he uses, I know, but that some genes are being passed on, I find amazing. Hope he does not inherit the temper of his mama, though. I also love that Amanda has industrious/inventive sides. Amusing is also when we find that they share the same humour as us.
3. I read several books at a time. My quilts go through the same process. UFO's everywhere.
4. I have a tendency to think I look like the person I am talking to. I do not know why.
5. I hate when (I think) people are looking over my shoulder to see what I am reading on the train, yet I am soo curious about what other people are reading. How stupid is that?
6. I do not like to read reviews or resumés of films in advance, I like to be open minded. I feel I get more out of the film that way. I hate to know too much beforehand, so that I can make up my own mind about whether I like it or not.

The rules for this round of tagging is:
1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

I am truly sorry about being a bad sport, but my sportsmanship ends at rule number 3. Anyone reading, inclined to reveal their true selves, feel free to feel tagged! Now catch me if you can! While the kiddos are watching "Babe", I am running off to fondle some new additions to my fabric collection. We love Z and S, don't we?

Oh, my daughter beat me to the race :) See ya!

onsdag, april 09, 2008

To Market to see sir Fassett

My head is slowly processing the happenings of last weekend. Images keep popping up. We went to the Norwegian Quilters Association's annual meeting, i.e. Market. It turned out to be the best ever! (My first) There were creative women everywhere. And they were running from workshop to workshop, listening to lectures, studying the exhibition and adding to their fabric collections in the basement venue of shopping extravaganza.

We had the honor of being able to attend Kaffe Fassett's lecture on Saturday. Some blurry pictures were taken before and after the slide show, but I will not post them, as I have not asked his permission to do so. I could have though, because we had our books signed, and he is the sweetest man. The audience got to ask questions, and I gathered up some courage and asked if he quilted by hand. And he answered that making works for himself he both pieces and quilts by hand. As he signed our books, I said how happy I was to hear that he did handwork, and he said what he also really loves is to hand sew the binding to the quilts. Our man from the 18th century! Although he claimed he had not entered the 21st century, he expressed gratitude to the fact that his audience is capable of handeling computers and the internet.

And so we went to see the exhibition. There were some amazingly talented women represented. In the near future I hope to be able to post some pictures of the quilts that spoke to my heart.

Then we went down to the basement - and it was filled with wonderful quilt shops.

Norwegian quilters are fortunate enough to have access to some exquisite LQS's. One of them is Lappemakeriet, run by two lovely ladies, Trine and Anne Kjersti. The first quilt - on display at their stand - shown here, is made by the wonderfully talented - in my humble opinion - Rie Norum. I was just stunned by her work. Just look at those small pieces. And I LOVE the quilting.

I am also always stunned by the talent of Trine Bakke. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that the sampler block-of-the-month-quilt is made by her. She has inspired many Norwegian quilters for many years, and I feel priviledged to be one of them. The LeMoyne star quilt is in its second year of being the shop's block-of-the-month quilt. They have different fabric packs for quilts made in different moods, two of them being "70's madness" and this one inspired by marine colors.

I will have to direct you to May Britt's blog to see more shops displaying their goods, as I only asked permission from Lappemakeriet to show their stand.

What also made a significant impression was seeing a Dear Jane quilt. Actually the first completed version I have seen in person. Being an avid blog reader, I had just seen Hanne's quilt in one of her recent posts. To see it in person was incredible. My friend and I were able to say hello and commend her on her work. Another amazing quilter present at a wonderful Market.

tirsdag, april 01, 2008

I går og i dag - yesterday and today

My worktable is a small sideboard meant for the kitchen. But it works just as well as a cutting table.

After some thinking I have started to make a block from the Civil War diary book. I like the size. I think I will be making the ones with titles not too directly affiliated with the war. Reading the entries really shakes me up. Sad times. But many of the blocks are too lovely to pass on.

And what to do with the narrowest scraps? Well my industrious daughter decided they made excellent hair ties. No need to say this mama loves her idea!