tirsdag, september 15, 2009

Still thinking

Here's another long term project. I think I have found the sashing fabric I want to use. But I am wondering if it "kills" the blocks. I really like the fabric, but is it too much - too busy and dark?
The decisions in quilting are both exciting and a bit of a burden... and still a blessing - they inevitably make you grow! I have blogged about this WISP before... It is an adaptation of a quilt shown in the 1995 version of Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Still thinking. It is a project I enjoy sewing by hand. ^^Smiles^^

lørdag, september 12, 2009



Some charm hexagons in slow progress.

We are heading for a family get together – we spend a day at my uncle and aunt’s twice a year working in their garden. Lovely.  Now some children need to be helped out of their bath… Take care.

fredag, september 11, 2009

September mornings


Trying out a new way of blogging. I think I like it.

onsdag, september 09, 2009

August in retrospect

We had some small carrots in the garden. Sown by father and daughter in early spring. Delicious but few... Much like the days of this summer... This week though is a reminder - an Indian Summer indeed. And a child's quilt is in the making. Can't wait to start quilting it on my small machine. Learning by doing, as they say. Cheerio.
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lørdag, september 05, 2009

Flea market fancy

We had a nice outing to a local school's flea market today.
The rooms were a little dreary, but there were some - at least to me - treasures. Some stoneware and glass from Finland, France and Norway.

And a lovely hand embroidered tabletopper and some damask napkins and tablecloth.
Bowls made in China. They seemed a little old, to my untrained eye.
The lady (I'm guessing) who owned these now rare Norwegian glass container had obviously been busy making jam...
One of this year's last summery days...

fredag, september 04, 2009


... for making these pouches. - Sewing them, quilting them, cutting them to size, then assembling (putting in a zipper - yoohoo I'm over the fear!), and giving (this one) away to a dear one. All from my box of scraps (ok, not the zipper, but the wool batting(!)). Utterly satisfying. Cheers.