tirsdag, januar 26, 2010

Hand sewing again

There has been some months of hand sewing hibernation. The joy of  it just woke up again.


Thread, needle, leather thimble and a finger pin keeper – recipe for a good train ride.


I am reproducing some blocks shown in Kaffe Fassett’s V&A Museum Quilts book. I am dreaming of going to London to see the museum’s quilt exhibition this spring/summer.


Preparing the pieces is time consuming, more so than the actual piecing. Listening to BBC Radio 4 makes the job more pleasurable. Currently there is a series of programmes about the great-grand-niece of Ludwig Wittgenstein and her inherited box of family memories. A delight for the ear.

søndag, januar 24, 2010

onsdag, januar 13, 2010


Meet our new friend. She was hatched and patched during some lovely times at my friend’s house.


Now she sits on our kitchen shelf – cheering us up.


Pattern: Dorthe Jollman

Have to run – we are getting more firewood today!

mandag, januar 11, 2010


There were places to go. Then the car broke down. The battery took a beating by the *chilly* weather. So out she went with  a camera in hand.


Our neighbour’s pear tree. In a few months (I keep telling myself) the branches will be heavy from blossoms and not snow.


Something to make our life worth living these days – keeping us warm.


Another draw string bag – where I can only just fit my recent crochet work, a shawl. And mittens – lovely warm mittens, given to me by my uncle.

fredag, januar 08, 2010

This, that and the other

I had to have a go at Ping Penguin’s small draw string bag, after having seen the one Jennifer at Moving Hands made. Her post today also made me draw out some temlates for a hand sewing project I want to attend too hopefully soon.
Always a start. Some of the shirts finally made into sample blocks. Well, there are three works in progress on that flanell wall. As the days are getting longer and brighter, I m.u.s.t  move on with the progress. And I WILL!
Yet another project – soon to be finished. A belt to keep up our sunshine’s trousers in this cold, oh so cold weather. (-17 degrees celsius) brrr
Hester: I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment the other day. The only way of doing so seems to be here. I can’t find your e-mail adress. I so enjoy you and your friends’ blog. Again: Many thanks! … I wish I knew how to read Dutch – the google translator does not seem to be good enough …