søndag, mai 24, 2009

Åsa Wettre

Nordic Quilters had a meeting in Gothenburg this week end. I took the opportunity to visit relatives in said city - and to experience a little of quilting life as well.

When I read that Åsa Wettre would be showing some of her collection of vintage quilts, I had to go and see her exhibition. She is a renowned quilt historian and the founder of the Gothenburg quilt guild - Lapphexorna (since 1987). Twenty years ago she gathered old Swedish quilts from the collections of museums, her friends and acquaintances - many enough for an exhibition. It was supposed to be a single event, but has been on the road almost continually since then. Last time it was shown was in the Tokyo Dome in January 2008 (Do you remember, Lea...) I have seen it twice, in Mölndal (Sweden) and at Blaafarveverket (Norway).

Today I had the honor of saying hello as I bought her book. She was truly a sweet lady! And she told us (I think she talked to practically everyone stopping by!) that she is writing a new book about more old Swedish quilts. I can't wait for it to be published!

Here are my impressions:

I also had time for a lovely walk in Trädgårdsföreningen - a botanical garden right in the middle of town. A beautiful oasis. On the train back home I was able to sew a little.