torsdag, november 15, 2012

onsdag, november 07, 2012

Antique Textiles Company - Hampstead London

Last month I was in London once more. One of my goals for the trip was Antiques Textiles Company in Hampstead, Christopher Wilson-Tate's wonderful shop.

A few times I almost welled up a bit - in two small rooms were shelves from floor to ceiling filled with fantastic quilts.

Many were two hundred years old - from the Georgian (THE George III) era.

Anyone interested in beautiful textiles could spend many moments in awe here.

After an hour or so of interesting and enlightening chat with the nice owner, I headed off into the streets of London filled with impressions that will last a long time.

Please visit their website, if you cannot visit in person. You're in for a treat!
More pictures of this treasure trove can be seen at their Fb-site here.
Kathy visited some time ago, see her pics here.

Take care and have a good week.