fredag, september 23, 2011

Gift delivered

A quick shot of the back of a small quilt I made for a dear old friend. ... before ironing .... very blurred, I pushed the button just as the seven year old holding it up decided she was tired of being of help;)
 ... and after ironing.
If I had had the time for more quilting, I might have kept the white border. These borders are there to ease quilting in a frame. But alas, there was no time - the gift had to be finished before a sewing appointment.
 Some favorite fabrics and colors in there...

 Almost done - there remained frenzied last minute sewing down of the single binding. There was no time for last show off pic;)

Folded for gifting - it was very well received, and I'm very glad:)
All hand sewn - including binding
All cotton - except for wool batting
Have a beautiful week end