lørdag, desember 12, 2009

Fat bottomed pear


I won’t go into how I somehow feel a little related to this pear – hmmm;)

Another one of these that I mentioned here. This one is for me, she said unshamedly;)

See you in January – I think.

fredag, desember 11, 2009

Dessine-moi un mouton


One of my beloved aunts needed a tea cosy, and I volunteered to make her one. And off I went, and under my arm was her sloppy and a little sad tea cosy for reference and guide.


It was my first tea cosy experience, so to speak, so the edges got a little uneven. Therefore – to best secure the warmth of the tea, the cosy needs a little punch for full coverage;) The result, shown above, reminds me of the shape drawn by the pilot in ‘The little Prince’ It was the only shape that the little prince was happy with, for inside he imagined there would be a sheep (mouton) I enjoy the thought of the ‘hat’ covering my aunt’s tea pot on her breakfast table, wonky as it may be – punched and all.


I loved stitching big with embroidery threads. Hope to do so again soon. Oh, yes for there’s my tea pot. It looks like it is in need of some warmth too!

A big thank you to everyone for stopping by and for taking the precious time to leave me lovely words. Blogging is wonderful!

Take care.