tirsdag, februar 12, 2008

Learning to quilt - again

I started quilting - the actual stitches - sometime after 1996. I know this because the first quilt I made was made after an issue of APQ of that same year. It wasn't until 2000 that I learnt how to make my stitches with the rocking motion quilting. It really made a difference to how my stitches looked. And I liked, even loved, stitching that way. But the sore middle finger on my right hand (I'm lefthanded)!!! I don't have my original fingerprint any longer. I'm quite sure. But I didn't feel I could care much about it, because I loved the result of what my sore finger was a part of.

And then, when reading movinghands' post about quilting something changed. She linked to a Shar Jorgenson show with Jean Brown, who showed how she quilted with a finger protector called Aunt Becky. So now I'm trying to get the hang of it myself.

I try following the guidelines while having flashbacks of the show, since it is no longer online to watch. I'm struggelig a little, but slowly getting the hang of it. I didn't have a quilt already basted and ready for quilting, so I made one that could come together quickly.

I like it, and do not miss the soreness of any of my fingertips!

Tomorrow I'm off to a dear friend's house to get some help for basting a quilt top that has been ready for some years. I am looking forward to meeting my friend again - we always have a wonderful time.

Addition 20th of February: I wrote this last tuesday. In the meantime I have been visiting with another dear friend in Tromsø. We had a great time! Some time free from kids and the everyday hassle is a luxurious thing. I managed to do quite a lot of quilting, practising. I have promised myself to finish this one before I start on the newly basted windmillquilt. So long.

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