onsdag, mai 07, 2008

Reverse applique

Just a quick run through of this wonderful technique. I am not a pro at tutorials, so bare with me.

For a block of four orangepeel segments I cut out four lights and four darks. I then draw my shape on freezer paper, and cut out that shape on the drawn line. The drawn line you can see here, is my basting line.
I then iron, with no steam, the freezer paper to the fabric that will be the *frame* to the shape.
What I have is three layers. Two fabrcs one freezer paper.

I then baste about a quarter inch away from the cut out line.
THEN I cut into the fabric a scant quarter inch inside the freezer paper edge.
Before I start sewing, I cut into the seamallowance, very close to the edge of the freezer paper, all the way around. Then I fingerpress the seamallowance, sort of tucking it under to make a crease. That way when I needleturn the edge, the fabric remembers where to fold nicely.
Please keep in mind that I am left handed.
Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if it does not. Beddy bye boo.

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merumo sa...

This seems to be very intersting! As I'm thinking about Orange Peel quilt by Kathy Tracy's book, it will be an ideal method to try! Thanx fir sharing a good info and inspirations...