onsdag, juni 25, 2008


We have warm, sunny days again, after some rain - which was good for the woods (there were some terrible fires in the most southern part of Norway) and farmacres, and strawberries. We are enjoying some days off, sewing, strawberrying (eating) and playing in the garden.

I made the quilt in order to sell it at our local market later this summer. It went together in a week. So nice to see something finished. Loved free motion quilting it.

A star for our girl helping out to tidy up!

2 kommentarer:

Marit sa...

Thank you for your nice visit at my blog. I have just enjoyed looking at some of your beautiful quilts, and look forward to visite again soon.

Lucy sa...

Ohh Gosh!b I LOVE your quilt!! it's so peacefull..