søndag, november 23, 2008

A baby present

... for a baby soon to be born. A good neighbour and friend is having her third child. She suspects it is yet another boy - she has two precious ones already. So a present had to be made. The picture is cheating a little, since she already has similar shoes that I made two years ago. I just love making these bitty booties, and I thought the picture would not be complete without some in it. Tee hee. The small ball is made from this pattern.

Now let's hope she is right, or I will have to make some versions a little more girly ;)

2 kommentarer:

Anne-Mette sa...

Kære Una.
Et fint lille sæt har du syet - mønstret på de små sko, har jeg skyndt mig at gemme på pc'eren. Dejligt.

Kathie sa...

adorable baby gift, wow I would have never thought about making booties.

I love your banner , what size are those hexagons?