fredag, september 04, 2009


... for making these pouches. - Sewing them, quilting them, cutting them to size, then assembling (putting in a zipper - yoohoo I'm over the fear!), and giving (this one) away to a dear one. All from my box of scraps (ok, not the zipper, but the wool batting(!)). Utterly satisfying. Cheers.

5 kommentarer:

Marit sa...

a very lovely gift .... and it looks so good in a "scrappy" version!

Crispy sa...

Oooo pretty!! Isn't it fun to use up those scraps?


Taryn sa...

Your scraps are yummy. I love that little pouch, but I have a fear of zippers. Where did you get the pattern? Are the zippers hard to do when you aren't used to them?

PatchworkRose sa...

Hi Una
I just love your little purse. I am sure the new owner will just love it. She is lucky.

Janet sa...

My friends and I have made several of these pouches and they are a favourite of mine. Yours is lovely done in that crazy style.