fredag, oktober 24, 2008

Pin cushion swap

I joined a swap some weeks ago, and Annette from Denmark sent me this sweet pin cushion. It will be perfect for small applique pins. I like it a lot! Thank you Annette!
I sent this pear pin cushion off to Pia in Sweden. My version of Heather Bailey's pears, which I find so cute! In stead of ordering the patterns I impatiently figured out how to draw the pattern. So it is a little more plump and "fat bottomed" than Mrs. Bailey's pears. But I like the size. It's hard to miss with the needles while speedily sewing long seams :D I will have to make myself one as well...

2 kommentarer:

Anne-Mette sa...

Kære Una.
Dit bidrag til nålepudebyttet er utrolig flot, en af mine favoriter fra byttet. Hvor stor er nålepude-pæren?
Rigtig god weekend.

Kathie sa...

love the pear pincushion you made.
someday I will make one too, we can never have enough pincushions!
I like the other one too.
great fabric choices.