lørdag, februar 27, 2010

Works in progress

Here’s a doll friend of a good friend of mine. Isn’t she pretty? She is in progress.  I should have snapped a shot of the back of her head,  because she has embroidered curls there:)
This is what I’m currently enjoying working on. Waiting for some snow to disappear – stitch by stitch. I hear they have snow drops in Holland. –sigh-

8 kommentarer:

Taryn sa...

Your work in progress is beautiful and the new background on your blog has me longing for spring. It sounds like you are, too.

Crispy sa...

Ooooo I love the block you are working on, are there more of these to be made?


Lappetausa sa...

Dette er skikkeleg spanande, skriv meir!

maria sa...

Hi!, My name is Maria, I'm from argentina and i'm new in this thing of using blogs. I really love yours tho so I'm following it now, i would apreciate if you check on my blog and if you like it follow it. Thanks!!

Valentina sa...

Una, what a beautiful beautiful blog!
I love your hand-piecing, wow... So inspirational!
I will certainly be coming back soon!
Sending you loads of sunshine from Cyprus!

Ravenhill sa...

what a talented friend you have, this doll is enchanting.

The quilt you are working on looks like it is quite intricate and difficult. Very impressive. I like it that you show your progress.

I wonder if you have been, as we have, out enjoying the warmer days and the bright sunshine? :) Thanks for stitching in spring for us!

Trine sa...

Kjære Una, så gøy å se dukken min i bloggen din!

Og dine egne arbeider er vidunderlige, -og det er jammen du og:)

Klem fra Trine.

Lea sa...

Oh, I love your block! Love those fabrics that you use it, They are so beautiful.
Also your dolly is SO cute, very lovely face that she has. :-)