onsdag, mars 31, 2010

This morning

After a few days of playing the who-finds-the-bucket-first game, life has calmed down. So much that a little quilting could be done. The internal rush to get the borders finished has begun. It feels good to be almost there.P1000485
This time two years ago these snow drops gave us joy. The snow disappeared this week – very late – and yesterday I spotted the first snow drop’s head.  I will have to venture into the rainy garden today to see the progress of our little white headed friend. Maybe some friends have joined her:)

4 kommentarer:

Valentina sa...

Una, your quilting is so inspiring!
I love the colours of your quilt... And please, let there be more snowdrops! :)
Happy Easter,

david sa...

I'm discovering your blog thanks to your comment on mine. Looks very inspiring and I can see that you are also a fan of the Japanese quilters! I'll come back often...
Have a great day,

Ravenhill sa...

Hi Una, so sorry to hear about your family's tummy bug! Glad that things are getting back to normal and that you are finding time to quilt and look for snow drops in your garden. Happy spring!
hugs from Emily xoxo

Ellie Foster sa...

I also love Snowdrops. We have a place near us called Hodsocks Priory. Its a big old house surrounded by woodland and in spring it is carpeted in Snowdrops. We go every year to enjoy them. I make handmade felt using wool from my sisters sheep plus some bought Merino wool. If you are interested in viewing some of my offerings then please pop over to http://feltabulous.blogspot.com/