fredag, april 30, 2010


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Ravenhill sa...

Yes, happy spring to you too Una! What a perfect image with the pretty quilting underneath the little twig with the promise of spring buds. You are so clever with words and photographs. I loved reading about your trip. It seems you had a marvelous time and have returned full of inspiration!
hugs from Emily

Trine sa...

Hei Una!
Er det epleblomstknupper?

Hørte du hadde vært i London, -gleder meg til å lese om det her:)

Stoor klem fra Trine.
Damedukken er fremdeles armeløs!
Nå må jeg ta meg KRAFTIG sammen.

Make Do & Mend sa...

Una, I love the circular quilt blocks you have been working on! They look amazing I am in awe! I have been wanting to try some ever since going to the V+A exhibition and being amazed by how many circles there were in these very old quilts. I love quilting circles in a modern way, but these blocks from 350 years ago were so modern to todays eyes. Just goes to show nothing is new, just rediscovered!