torsdag, februar 03, 2011

Pockets and a huswif

A few years ago I did some sewing for a Danish designer and shop owner Helene Juul. She has an affinity for the treasures of the past, and does wonderful work. She wanted to display ways to use reproduction fabrics, to entice her customers to make practical and beautiful items. I was honored to be able to help a little. She sent me lovely fabrics, and a booklet by Edyth O'Neill. Inspired by Mamifleur's recent lovelinesses, I show the samples I made then, a pocket and a huswif from Ms. O'Neill's booklet.

And the one I'm currently working on, for a friend, which is supposed to be a surprise... well well ...

Merci - amitié.

8 kommentarer:

Valentina sa...

Oh, Isn't Evelyn the best? I really like your versions, too, Una! I have promised myself I will try making a huswif as well, my problem is that I cannot just keep it simple! :)
Your work is always so inspiring to me.

Crispy sa...

What lovely projects you made!! Your friend will love her gift :0)


liz sa...

The colour choice is spot on, as usual. I love it.

Lucy sa...

It is so adorable. I have the book from edith o neil too. You inspire me to make a pocket!

merumo sa...

What a lovely work Una! I have that booklet for the huswif and pockets. I will have to look at it again after such a long time... Thanks for a beautiful inspirations!

Hanne Katrine sa...

Så fine, Una:)
Er "huswif" et forkle?
Og, så nydelig du har brodert "Samsy"!

Gleder meg til å treffe dere alle hos Anne og Espen:D


Helene Juul sa...

And thanks to your samples Una, the books sold out quite quickly! I treasure the huswif and the pocket you made for me.

Anonym sa...

Love love your huswif and your pocket ! Beautiful fabrics !