mandag, april 04, 2011


According to my Process Pledge I'm posting a basket I'm working on.

I was inspired by Taryn's Red and White online exhibition, and decided to make a red and white quilt. This will be the center applique block - the other blocks will be shoo flys and four patches.

The grey item looking like a bag that is holding the applique block in place (how I love long sentences) is my rendition of a 'Bunchin'. In last year's class I saw Ms. Saito using a bunchin - a weight - to hold her applique work in check while stitching. She sells them on her site, but they weigh 1,3 kilograms, so the shipping is a little expensive, I think - I mean for merely weight....(I would rather buy her books...) So I made one from cloth and 'bird sand'. Mine weighs 1,4 kg (that's how much I had left of the sand) It works like a charm.

Happy Monday!

7 kommentarer:

Crispy sa...

A lovely start on your red & white quilt Una!!

I just wad my applique up in my hand when I'm stitching :0)


Helen sa...

I always wondered what she called that thing. Great way to improvise.


liz sa...

You are using some of my favourite fabric. I just know it will be beautiful. Not sure about the idea of the bunchin, though.

david sa...

Every single post on your blog makes me dream! Your photography is beautiful and your creations are very inspiring. The Basket quilt will be lovely. And what a great idea for the bunching!!! I am going to attend a class with Mrs Saito at the end of the month! I can't wait!!
Now, I am going to browse your blog to see if I can find a post about the class you attended last year ;-)

Ann Marie sa...

Found your blog through Liz at quilterie. Love your King George blocks. I wish I could have seen the quilt in person.

pratima sa...

Una, your red and white start of the quilt already looks delicious. Enjoy :)

anastasia sa...

a fantastic idea, the bunchin!