tirsdag, august 23, 2011

This summer

I learned from a dear friend how to make ginger, lemon and honey tea. 
we spent lovely times at beaches near and far
 cherries were picked
 and gese were made

It has been a good summer - despite the mourning process we all have gone through after happenings in the Oslo area on July 22nd. We were not personally affected by the tragedy, but we were nonetheless nummed by the evil nature of the events.

Now regular schedules have resumed, and we are preparing for autumn activities and winter journeying.

... which calls for some hand sewing preparations ...
 Take care

11 kommentarer:

liz sa...

Una, my thoughts went to you at once when the news was revealed of events in Oslo. Life must go on, but surely it is different. One thing remains steadfast: your beautiful work and perfect eye for colour and design.

Nadine sa...

Absolutely yummy... AND lovely ! (your stars are gorgeous, and your feese are so PERFECT !!! ;>)

Valentina sa...

Gorgeous pictures, my friend!
swoon... your little blocks are so cute and I have a sudden urge for cherries-humm I wonder why :)
sending you a big hug, and looking forward to our next visit, xx

David sa...

Though not living in Norway, we were deeply affected by the tragedy.
Your photos are absolutely wonderful and makes me dream and put me in a creative mood. Thanks for posting them. They carry a sense of serenity I particularly cherish.

Crispy sa...

You have had a lovely sounding summer. My heart really went out to the people in Norway after this tragic event. There is too much evil in the world.

I love your star hand piecing project and look forward to seeing more of them :0)


Floh sa...

Dear Una, I am allways happy to read your posts and look at your lovely pictures. Please keep on blogging! Greating from Berlin

Dawn sa...

Thinking of friends in Norway - it is hard to find the words. It takes time.
Very lovely pictures - beautiful hand work you have prepared. Very sweet toes in the sand ;-)
Take Care!

Taryn sa...

I always love the peaceful feel of your blog. I love the cute little feet, the berries and the fabrics in your geese blocks. I love to hold those simple things close when the world shocks us like what happened in Oslo recently.

pratima sa...

So sorry about the events in Norway. It is very sad.
Your pictures are beautiful and so are your geese and stars! They are so sweet and seem very tiny!!

Daniëlle sa...

Love the combination of your colours!! Hmmmm cherries .... clafoutis!!!! Hmmm icecream on the side, euhhh oh.. right .. back to the fabrics: great geese!!! Happy sewing, hugs, Daniëlle

Ann-Mari sa...

Hei, ser ut som du og din familie har skapt gode sommerminner i år. Gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen på prosjektet ditt:-)