onsdag, oktober 29, 2008

Binding fabric found

This small quilt was originally meant to be a cushion cover. I am not so sure anymore. We will see. I do not have a lot of the binding fabric, so I will have to mix and match a little. But it was nice to find it - in my stash, she added with badly concealed pride - so I can finish a five year old project (!)

The day before yesterday we had the urge to bake some cookies...

5 kommentarer:

Anne-Mette sa...

Kære Una.
Mon det ender op med en miniquilt? Fint ser det ud :-)

linnea sa...

what a beautiful quilt :o)
and I'm sure the cookies were delicious fun, too.
happy weekend!

Marit sa...

The fabric for the binding is beautiful. Sometimes waiting is worth it... I can undestand why you want something to match your beautiful quilt. I am inspired by your use and choise of colors and fabric. Thank you also for your nice comment on my bog.

Marisa sa...

Una - so glad that you commented on my blog...your banner photo is amazing. I am obsessed with hexagons, so of course I love it. I'll be back to see more of your quilting. Hope that you have some cool projects in the works. Looks like you love to do hand work just as much as I do.

Kathie sa...

very pretty little quilt, sometimes you just have to use what you have for the binding...bet you will find something that will work.
will you hang the quilt on the wall?