onsdag, mars 12, 2008

Spring cold

Sneezing and resting to get well.

I love to learn new techniques and hear of useful tips. And a newfound friend, Lily, has the most lovely weblog. I don't know how to describe her work. Just amazing. My cup of tea, would be an appropriate but unsufficient description. She posted a tutorial on hexagons. So fun to make. And they appear to be very complex in the making, but are not!

Here are some of the circles I have made so far on my ever so slowly growing quilt.

I goofed up, as the Americans say. While chatting on the train home from work with my colleague and neighbour, I misplaced the setting of the block I was working on. So that produced what felt like two new blocks, but of course it was just one extra.

Some laundry calls my name, and my children need to be fetched from Kindergarten.

Flere av Joakims ord: KO = bok, KA=kanin, katt. Amanda på vei til barnehagen: Når jeg blåser blobler, ler M. Et mors hjerte er bløtt, takknemlig.

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