onsdag, oktober 14, 2009

Alma Svensson’ apron


This small quilt represents my time as a mom of two toddlers. My children were three and one and I was at home with both of them one day. They were watching a film about Emil – one of Astrid Lindgren’s many well loved characters.

To the eye of a grown up the set and decor is a joy - the clothing, and interiors of early 20th century Sweden. And of course the log cabin quilts covering the beds. Even Lina, the maid, has a quilt.

I grabbed my bin of scraps and found a favorite blue and white stripe for borders, similar to Alma’s, Emil’s mother’s, clothing.

The whole thing was put together in those few precious moments of quiet time. A+J were happy watching their movie, and I was peacefully sewing.

I never found the time then to quilt it by hand – finding time for that seemed an impossible task…  My skills in machine quilting were not very good. So it is roughly quilted by machine.

Now it is an entry in Park City Girl’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Go have a look at all the wonderful quilts!

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Wee Quilts sa...

Loved your quilt and story. Really loved the rest of your blog. You are so creative and open to learning and exploring. You might be interested in a blog I found that has videos of free motion quilting-her goal is to do 365 of them! She's at http://www.freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/

Have a great day!

Quilter In Paradise sa...

very charming!! thanks for sharing
Beth in Dallas

Deborah sa...

lovely quilt and story

corry sa...

So lovely, thank you for sharing!

Zonnah sa...

It is beautiful!

Taryn sa...

Una, the story of your little quilt touched my heart. How I miss those days of toddlers. I also really like the new picture in your blog title.

Marit sa...

Beautiful, little quilt! I love the fabrics you used a lot - you have such a good sense of combining fabrics. Thank you for sharing!

And your new header quilt is sooo pretty!

Emily sa...

Beautiful to read of this quilt, the inspiration and the quiet time you had with your little ones while they watched such a nice movie.

Your quilt is just lovely. I love the mainly neutral and old fastioned colored fabrics and how you added a bit of blue to liven it up. So pretty!

quiltdjoojs sa...

Hi Una! Thanks for visiting my weblog and leaving such a nice comment!!
You make beautiful quilts and your blog is a fine place to be!!
Greetings from the Netherlands!!