fredag, oktober 09, 2009

My daughter’s quilt

… or learning by doing. P1040476

Last month my girl and I had a blast choosing fabrics for her first bigger quilt. I was feeling half an inch of guilt for not having made something for her in a long time. Oh, well. She went through the piles of fabric in our book shelf. And pulled out some oranges, pinks and a red/white dish cloth she had to have in there. Also some blues had to be added – nice to see her pinkish taste slowly  changing.  I added some of my favorites in tune (or so I thought) with her choices. P1040547

Having found Diane Gaudynski’s blog some time ago, I’ve been inspired to give free motion quilting a go – again. My abilities as a machine quilter will most likely never reach anything close to her level of artistry, but I sure enjoy the free motion mojo. Diane suggests novel quilters to try their hand at bigger tops. So I had to try it. American Patchwork & Quilting magazine  featured a nice blue and white quilt in their August 2006 number. I reduced the size a little. It’s about a 53 inches square.

I think Diane Gaudynski has a nice idea about starting out big(:)). I learned a lot as I went along. It was a lot of fun.  I goofed up majorly (is that an adjective?) in places. I don’t care. I only hope my daughter will like it.

And she creates her masterpieces on her regular (?) sewing machine. An intriguing thought.

Sewing down the binding is soon done.   P1040564

I pieced squares for the back, something that would have been impossible if it were to be hand quilted. P1040514

Please bear with me for indulging in such an amout of pics. P1040563   P1040562


Just taken away by the joy of being able to show something being very close to being finished – in less than two months from start to finish. Pretty revolutionary by my standards (LOL).

Take care. xo

3 kommentarer:

Crispy sa...

Wow I'm very impressed with your quilting!! Well done Una!!


Marit sa...

This is a pretty, collaborate quilt! Fantastic quilting, very inspiring! How nice to make a quilt with your daughter... sharing the love of fabric.

Sunshine sa...

Hi Una, I know exactly which quilt you're talking about on the magazine's cover page! I just modified that quilt pattern to teach my mother how to quilt :)

I also follow Dianne G.'s blog - isn't she amazing? I'd love to be able to quilt like her, but I should probably practice a lot more than I do, and do more than stippling and loops ;) Oh well, I'll keep aspiring.

Your quilts turned out beautifully!