mandag, januar 11, 2010


There were places to go. Then the car broke down. The battery took a beating by the *chilly* weather. So out she went with  a camera in hand.


Our neighbour’s pear tree. In a few months (I keep telling myself) the branches will be heavy from blossoms and not snow.


Something to make our life worth living these days – keeping us warm.


Another draw string bag – where I can only just fit my recent crochet work, a shawl. And mittens – lovely warm mittens, given to me by my uncle.

4 kommentarer:

Marit sa...

I guess the best thing to do is to stay at home and light the fire...
Love you drawstring bag!! You have a wonderful way of combining fabrics ; )

Ravenhill sa...

Godt nytt år! Din nye bag er herlig! Du har et skikkelig øye for a kombinere stoffene. Glad dere får holde varmen. Det er ikke lett i disse dagene!

Crispy sa...

I too look forward to days of sunshine and warm weather. Our battery had to be replaced too :0(


Rosa Pomar sa...

Wjat a beautiful little bag :)