søndag, juni 27, 2010

Making a block

Inspiration: The center Mariner's compass block from the V&A book, also featured in Kaffe's museum bookThis time I tried to copy the colours, something I rarely do. The block is so lovely as it is.

Drafting. These are the shapes I need. Then I copy them onto see through plastic, making holes at the 'intersections' with a sharp point that I have warmed the tip of, by a candle light.

I then draw a point through the holes onto the reverse of the fabric and draw a line from point to point. When the pieces are cut with a quarter inch seam allowance, I lay them out on a cloth, pin them, and they are ready to go, everywhere I go.

Done. Now it needs backing pieces. I haven't made those yet... This was not really intended as a tutorial, but it gives an idea of the process. Take care.

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Minka's Studio sa...

The brown background fabric is perfect! I love th4e way you fussy cut it to add a feeling of radiation. I'd love to see a tutorial that shows the making of the holes at the intersections. I've not seen that method but it sounds like it would be more accurate than what I'm currently doing.

Crispy sa...

OMGosh that is beautiful!! I'm very impressed with your drafting skills!!


Meredith sa...

Very pretty. I guess you use template plastic? Do you have akind you prefer. You are an inspiration.

david sa...

What a beautiful block and so well done!

Janet sa...

You are very good with circles! I love the wavy background fabric you used - its perfect - a beautiful block.

PatchworkRose sa...

Just Love it. You are so clever and Fast :-) Will be watching with interest
Have Fun

pratima sa...

It is just beautiful!
Thank you for a peek into the process :)

Anne-Mette sa...

Din blok er helt fantastisk flot. Jeg har kikket mange gange i min bog fra V&A - jeg ville elske at kunne gense den udstilling - men netop denne blok er vanvittig flot.
Savner at høre nyt fra dig på TSQ.
God weeekend.
Mange hilsner

Taryn sa...

I love your fabric choices. A long time ago I took a class on making the Mariners Compass block from Judie Matheson (spelling?). Wish I could remember how to do it!

quilltr sa...

I am awed by how breathtaking your block is! I can't wait to see more.