mandag, april 20, 2009

Zakka fun

These last few weeks I have been in a sewing frenzy daze. Sewing small pouches is so satisfying as they are FINISHED in reasonable time - unlike my other quilting projects which feel take FOREVER. So these pouches are a result of a very inspiring evening (which turned into night/early morning) at a dear friend's house a few weeks ago. Thank you I-L! Among other things I learned how to sew in zippers and to make stoppers/embelishment for drawstring pouches.
The small pincushion is made from Trine Bakke's book.
I appliqued a thimble to this small pouch, so that I know where I keep my quilting thimble and Aunt Becky quilting tool. The pouch pattern is included in Lise Bergene's book.This is reversible and constructed of four strips of 3" cut fabrics. My friend's Japanese co-worker came back from Japan with a pouch similar to this. Her friend had made it for her. I-L had to figure out how to make one. She did and showed me how. I am thinking of putting up a tutorial here a little later. (When my sewing machine is back from holiday at the service man's) I had to make one of these. I loved making it!
... so much I had to make a bigger one, with draw string closing. It turned out to be a present for a good friend, who really deserved the gift. We always have such fun times together. A small zakka bag for a good friend... I am looking forward to making another when my machine returns.

3 kommentarer:

Taryn sa...

I LOVE your little pouches! They make me want to start a new portable project just to have a reason to carry them around with me. The embellishments are adorable.

Lea sa...

OMG, your pouches are so charmimg! I love them! I love the way you appliqued a thimble on a pouch. That's a very good idea and clever way to keep your thimble & aunt Becky! love it! :-)

Angelika sa...

Dejligt med smaa, overskuelige projekter :-) Jeg glaeder mig til din tutorial :-)