fredag, mars 14, 2008


Friday night. Everyone else in bed - TV show in the background, some fellows competing who can stay the longest in the sauna, with clothes on. Red cheeks all around no one giving up. 110 degrees celsius now. They give up. Good.

I have two quilts in the making at the moment that I both call windmillquilts, although someone else might call them something else - all the fascinating names for different blocks! I suppose it only shows that different people from different cultural bakcgrounds and times connote differently to patterns. I like the idea of that.

Anyway this is the quilt I got to baste with my good friend at her house last month. As usual a lovely evening. She has a co-worker from Japan, who also quilts. Maybe we all could go to Tokyo one day (preferably in January) to see the International festival of Quilts held there each year.

The quilt has been in my drawer for quite some time. I actually made the top ten years ago, at the time I met my husband. As he is a Swede, my working title for it is "Winds from the East". He swept me off my feet, you might say.

It is a quilt top made from surplus fabrics from an Ohio star quilt - which was my second quilt (maybe third - if a small wallhanging which was my first - counts)

My other "Windmill" laid out on my design floor - others have design walls, I know, I know.

The process of making this is thouroughly enjoyable. I cut my half square triangles after instructions from a book by Marsha McCloskey. The technique is accurate and fast. Leaves a lot of surplus triangles though, but they will be put to good use in good time. Just don't know how yet, but triangles are so versatile, I have no worries about finding a way to use them up. Looking forward to it as a matter of fact.

Nighty night!

Oh another thing. I have fallen completely and utterly in love with Faithy Trumbull. There will be several encounters with her in the future, as I have succumbed to ordering the magazine. Thank you Lucy - once again.

Flere ord: Opp. Ap = Postmann Pat. Eis = Små Einsteins. Neida, vi ser ikke mye på tv her i gården. Nei da. Tø/Me = tørst. Amama = Amanda

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Lily Boot sa...

What beautiful flowers! Ah - so that's a windmill - very nice. And I too do not have a design wall - I usually use our bed - but that's big pain because you have to sew it before you go to bed - or do it again the next day! And what is Faithy Trumball? Sounds too interesting.