fredag, mars 28, 2008

Jørgas syskål

My paternal grandmother died six years ago, at the age of ninety two. She taught me how to knit. I was given this wooden bowl afther she passed away. I grew up visiting her every other week end, and this bowl was a central part of her living room, sitting in her corner cupboard - where she also I might add kept the bowl of sweets, which was always filled with chocolate.

As a young girl she made the small stitch sampler that always laid on top of the bowl. The wooden piece is missing a handle, and was used to mend socks. I have seen my gran put it to good use several times. But only recently I had a closer look at it, and to my surprise there was an inscription, written in red ink. It must have been inscribed by one of Jørga's sisters - I can only guess who, but I think I know. It must have been given to her just before she got married to Akka, my father's father, in 1933. Her sister had written: Elsk din Akka og stopp hans hoser. Which would be in English: Love your Akka and mend his socks.

I love the marks the needles have made, engraving the wood.

Twelve triangles quilt so far. The pieces are really small, and one does not use up a lot of fabric. Which makes me think of the women who made quilts to make good use of their scraps. One could make a quilt out of practically nothing. Makes me feel a bit sad and I must say a little guiltridden, and also a bit false, since I go out and buy fabrics. The artform has changed, but I suppose that happens to many aspects of life.

So I guess I should just enjoy what I am doing, and maybe that way humbly remember the women who were not as fortunate as I, but must have found joy themselves in what they were doing. The result of their hands' work really shows this. I am often stunned by how women living through difficult times, could rise above it and make quilts. Even though they mainly were utility quilts, the women making them must have gotten the same buzz making shoo fly quilts and log cabin quilts and others, as modern quilters do.

J leker med lego denne morgenen, vel, nå sover han. Ho = smokk, Emil kan han si. Han hoster en del. I dag ville A til barnehagen. Vi kjøpte nye grønne sko i går. Glitresko uten rem på Hennes. Ikke særlig komfortable, tror jeg, siden de hele tiden må settes på på nytt. Og hun har lært seg det etter hvert.

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Lily Boot sa...

What a lovely post Una! The inscription on your grandmother's sock darner is just so poignant - what different times. I too have often had these thoughts about the vanity of our quilting experience in the 21st century - the most precious and extravagant fabrics, entirely conceived for our pleasure, artfully designed and manufactured, all evenly weighted, all perfectly matched - just so we can be thrilled! But, you are right - everything evolves - and I am ever so grateful for all that we have to choose from. That's also a lovely photo you now have for your blog banner - wonderful colour. warm regards, lily

Lucy sa...

You made lovely blocks! What are you going to do with them? You have a treasure from your grandmother! I have some of those darning eggs too :-)

Judy sa...

Your blocks are wonderful! Aren't they just the nicest to make and the colors are wonderful!