torsdag, april 30, 2009

Nine patch quilt top

Having the day off, I took some pics of my nine patch quilt top. ...With a black bird's song in my ears.

It was inspired by a quilt shown in one of Roberta Horton's books. Of course I could not resist using a lot of colour, so much unlike the original which was made in muted, beautiful colours.
It was made by a group of ladies.

Oh, well. I tried to find the book, to show the original, but I could't find it.

I started making it in 1998, and I remember sewing one of the blocks while newly engaged to my husband in early January 1999.
Without borders it measures about 80x115 inches (205x240 cm).
Pieced by hand.

A lot of borders to be attatched...

Thank you Lea and Taryn for your kind comments! Take care.

11 kommentarer:

janvidab sa...

Pieced by hand!?
Beautiful piece of work! petra

Lappetausa sa...

Dette er ein skatt du må få ferdig, tenk med så mange minner! Eg er sikker på du no gledar deg til å få den ferdig. Lukke til, gledar meg svært til å sjå det ferdige resultatet!

Diana sa...

It already looks like a beloved quilt. I love your fabric choices for this.

Lily Boot sa...

Oh Una! It's beautiful - I am in AWE of the handpiecing. And your colours are lovely. Often I look at terribly complicated quilts and think, and think, oh I don't know why I quilt, I can't do anything like that. But then, when I see a quilt like yours - it is the kind that truly sings to me. And I know why I love quilting - it's that connection with the past and with traditions. How are you going to quilt it?

Kathie sa...

I absolutely love this quilt top
and am so impressed its pieced by hand.

Lea sa...

OH!!!! I JUST LOOOOOOOOVE your nine patch!
and all hand pieced!? Way to go, girl!! :-)
I love Roberta Horton's book too, but never use them yet.
You gave me a good motivation, Thank you so much!

Ravenhill sa...

Wow, I dropped by tonight to see what you have been up to and now my jaw has dropped.... in awe of your work lately! The long days must be injecting you with extra motivation! The long hours of light helps doesn't it? Your nine patch is fabulously beautiful and I love all the pouches you have made!
Happy quilting!
~Emily xx

Sølvi's blog sa...

For en nydelig quilt! Flott blogg du har. Jeg bookmarker, så kommer jeg tilbake siden. Sølvi

Anne-Mette sa...

Una, denne er quilt er helt og aldeles vidunderlig. Jeg glæder mig allerede til at se den med en kant på, med quiltning...skøøn.

Marit sa...

This is so lovely..... A classic beauty!

Jana sa...

I love the colors you used in this quilt! So earthy and beautiful!