onsdag, april 15, 2009

Spring sewing

An applique block part of a sampler I have been working on for some time. Only a few blocks left.
Leftovers - I love leftovers. This top will be made solely from scraps - except for the sashing blocks. When the main blocks are ready I will have to cut more paralellograms to finish the top. The picture to the right is a photo of an old quilt I found online some years ago. It has been in my folder for quilts I (some day) want to reproduce. The paralellograms are fascinating. They can form both stars and diamonds. Such phenomenons trhill me!

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Lea sa...

Wow, I love your leftover block. I'm just like you, I love leftover. So it's good to see your idea. :-)

BTW, your blog is very lovely and I enjoy reading. :-)