tirsdag, april 21, 2009

Note to self

Ignore your fear of messing up, and get it DONE already!
I need a kick where it hurts the most - to at least start finishing this top. It has been laying in the cupboards for almost to ten years. It has been sewn by hand, and I fear sewing on the borders. From experience I know it will be a challenge to make the border and top fit, in order to lay flat. There - this helped. I am a little more determined now, thank you!
A spring gathering of small flowers from our garden. That sounded a little posh, but we are so much enjoying being able to spend time outdoors again!

3 kommentarer:

Lea sa...

I'm looking forward to see this entire quilt picture. Will you show us in near the future?? :-)

Taryn sa...

The quilt is beautiful so far. That gold fabric with the little blue dots (berries?) is one of my favorites. A friend in France sent me a small piece and I've used every scrap.

not so zen -quilts in Paris sa...

OH, this top is not from this world!
I wish i had made it.
i ADORE your use of color, show us more more and more!
Will V in Paris